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Montoro’s Wine Dog – Toby


Known Accomplice: Opal the cat

Best Friend: Broby (Brisbane Toby)

Girl friend: Billie the kelpie

Favourite Pastime: Just being with you down the vineyard

Pet Hate: Exuberant puppies that want to jump at him

Favourite Food: Whatever his owners are having

Favourite Time: Going to Doggy Day Spa for the works

Favourite Toy: His frisby – but it just seems to go faster than he remembers

Role at Montoro: Assistant vigneron – in charge of rabbits

As Assistant Vigneron his duty is to control his territory so as to keep rabbits, hares and foxes away.

The job involves some late night/early morning work patrolling the boundaries and communicating (especially on nights of a full moon) with other nearby dogs on the movements of the feral creatures that abound at night.

Other aspects of his job include slow row walking with pruners, leaf pluckers and pickers to ensure quality control.

Primary role at Montoro: Meet and Greet everyone

Sad news: As of December 2015 Toby now resides in the great vineyard in the sky.