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2015 Montoro Pepper Shiraz

2016 Montoro ‘End of the Day’ Rose

Our latest release displays all the characters of its predecessor and has developed a “cult like” following.

2016 Montoro ‘Artisan’ Shiraz

2013 Montoro Pepper Shiraz – SOLD OUT

The award winning wine has all of the desirable features of a cool climate shiraz. It has a beautiful bright red colour with purple hues that is most appealing, as is its vibrant shiraz fruit nose.

The wine is both delicate and elegant. It has a full mouth feel to it with lovely fruit flavours that envelop the palate.

2015 Montoro “Just for Madge” White Shiraz 375ml

This unique wine is made from 100% Shiraz. It is, possibly, the only white shiraz available in Australia and will not disappoint.

2013 Montoro ‘Remember’ Vintage Shiraz

The bright fruit and intense colour are most attractive, and, combined with the sweet, yet fresh red fruit tastes, make this fortified so absolutely delicious that it will be hard not to have a second glass.

2014 Montoro Pepper Shiraz

Funky, delicious and elegant...

Montoro “Opal Eyes” Sparkling Shiraz

Our long awaited "Opal Eyes" Sparkling Shiraz is now available and has been greeted with much acclaim.

It is available at $60 a bottle and can be ordered by emailing sales@montorowines.com.au

An excellent celebration drink.