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Meet Bailey – our new wine puppy

A few months ago we welcomed our new Border Collie puppy, Bailey. He has been a delightful addition to our family – although our cat, Opal, is still in therapy.

Bailey has made himself well at home and has become quite a regular in town when we visit our favourite coffee shop, Factory Espresso!

Known Accomplice: He is trying very hard to be friends with Opal the cat and looking forward to meeting Broby

Best Friend: Anyone who comes to the house

Girl friend: He is trying to attract the cute Westie at Puppy Pre School

Favourite Pastime: Romping on his humans’ bed

Pet Hate: Loud noises

Favourite Food: Not fussy

Favourite Time: Jumping in muddy puddles

Favourite Toy: Simon – the rubber duck; Chook and Monkey

Role at Montoro: Apprentice

Primary role at Montoro: Meet and Greet everyone (preferably not with muddy paws)



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